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Pololu Qik 2s12v10 Dual Serial Motor Controller

sku : EPLL005
The easy-to-use, high-power option of motor controllers. The compact board allows any microcontroller or computer with a serial port to drive two brushed DC motors with full direction and speed control, providing up to 13 A (continuous) per motor channel without a heat sink and tolerating peaks as high as 30 A
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รหัส : EPLL005
ยี่ห้อ : Pololu
รุ่น : qik 2s12v10


This powerful motor controller allows variable speed and direction control of two large, brushed DC motors using a simple serial interface and provides several advanced features, such as motor acceleration control and configurable current limiting. Automatic baud detection up to 115.2 kbps and inputs for both RS-232 and TTL serial make it easy to add motors to your microcontroller- or computer-based project. The operating voltage range is 6 to 16 V; the continuous current per channel is up to 13 A (30 A peak).

Main Feature

  • Simple bidirectional control of two DC brush motors.
  • 6 V to 16 V operating supply range.
  • 13 A maximum continuous current per motor (30 A peak).
  • Logic-level, non-inverted, two-way serial control for easy connection to microcontrollers or robot controllers.
  • RS-232-level, one-way serial control for easy connection to a PC serial port.
  • Optional automatic baud rate detection from 1200 bps to 115.2 kbps.
  • Seven on-board indicator LEDs (power, status/heartbeat, error indicator, and motor indicators) for debugging and feedback.
  • Advanced features include configurable acceleration, motor current feedback, and current limiting.
  • Error output to make it easier for the main controller to recover from an error condition.
  • Optional motor shutdown on error or serial timeout for additional safety.
  • Jumper-enabled demo mode allowing initial testing without any programming.
  • Optional CRC error detection eliminates serial errors caused by noise or software faults.



  • Size:  1.86" x 2.15" x 0.28"1 
  • Weight:  14 g1 


General specifications

  • Motor driver:  VNH2SP30 x2 
  • Motor channels:  2 
  • Control interface:  non-inverted TTL serial (2-way); RS-232 serial (1-way)2 
  • Minimum operating voltage:  6 V 
  • Maximum operating voltage:  16 V 
  • Continuous output current per channel:  13 A 
  • Peak output current per channel:  30 A 
  • Current sense:  0.13 V/A 
  • Maximum PWM frequency:  19.7 kHz3 
  • Reverse voltage protection?:  Y

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Product included:

  • EPLL005 - Pololu Qik 2s12v10 Dual Serial Motor Controller x 1 pcs 
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