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Pi?931?X34CC - RFID 13.56?MHz Read / Write Module Multi Standard

sku : ERFI009
Pi?931?X34CC เป็น RFID Read / Write 13.56 MHz แบบหลายโปรโตคอล (ISO14443A , ISO14443B , MIFARE classic , ISO15693) สามารถเสียบใช้งานกับ PC ได้เลย หรือ ต่อใช้งานผ่าน UART TTL (Built In PCB Antenna) สามารถอ่าน Tag ได้หลาย ๆ ตัวในเวลาเดียวกัน

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รหัส : ERFI009

ยี่ห้อ : Silicon Craft

รุ่น : Pi?931?X34CC

The Pi?931?X34CC is a reference design of Pi?931MD, the generic reader module, for demonstrating closecoupling application. Based on a high?performance RFID contactless reader IC SIC9310, the Pi?931 supports all major global secured baseband ISO standards, including 14443 Type A, Type B, MIFARE classic cards, and smart label ISO15693. All data rates in ISO14443A/B, ranging from 106 to 848 kbps, are supported. For ISO15693, all data rates used in uplink, downlink, and ultra?high speed can be performed.

Typical read range for MIFARE card is 5 cm whereas typical for ISO15693 card?size label is 10 cm.

Embedded with ISO14443?and?ISO15693 supporting routines in the Pi?931MD, the Pi?931?X34CC can perform not only elementary commands but also one?stop combo commands, such as reading data through MIFARE encryption, which are available to ease the development for the beginners.

Based on pin selection, physical interface of the module can be either a simple 3.3V?RS232 or a USB. Also, the Pi?931?X34CC can be powered from either USB or external power supply. Samples of VC# source codes are provided to guide and demonstrate user to realize applications based on module protocols.

RFID Front?End Chip

  • SIC9310


RFID Module

  • Pi?931MD


Supported Protocols

  • ISO14443A/B all bit rates : 106, 212, 424 and 848 kbps
  • ISO15693 all modes
    o Downlink 1 of 4 and 1 of 256
    o Uplink 6.6/13/26/53 kbps with 1 & 2 sub?carrier
  •  MIFARE Classic


Card Compatibilities

  • ISO14443A
    o MIFARE 1k, 4k, Mini, Ultralight
    o Smartcard ISO14443A
  • ISO14443B
    o Smartcard ISO14443B, SRI4K, SRI512
  • ISO15693
    o SIC5600,


Hardware Feature

  • Closed coupling antenna
  • Antenna size : 5 cm x 3.5 cm
  • Read Range
    o MIFARE : 5 cm
    o ISO15693 : 10 cm
  • Host interface by pin selection
    o 3.3V RS232 (UART) : 115,200 kbps
    o USB 2.0 Full speed
  • LED Status
  • Dimension : 78 mm x 53 mm x 12mm
  • Selectable power source input


Operating Conditions

  • Storage temperature from ?40 to 85oC
  • Operating temperature from ?40 to 85oC
  • Input operating voltage from 5 – 6 V
  • Power consumption 120 mA in active mode (Including Ant)

Information Support



  • ERFI009 - Pi?931?X34CC , 1 set
  • USB Cable , 1 set
  • Tag
  • DVD include Visual C# demonstration software , Protocol Information




ManufacturerSilicon Craft



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