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VS1011E - MP3 audio decoder

sku : EDEC004
(ไอซีส่งตรงจาก VLSI ) MP3 AUDIO CODEC MPEG 1.0 & 2.0 audio layer III (CBR, VBR, ABR); layers I & II optional; WAV (PCM + IMA ADPCM), pacakge LQFP48

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รหัส : EDEC004

ยี่ห้อ : VLSI
รุ่น : VS1011E-L

(ไอซีส่งตรงจาก VLSI ) MP3 decoding is now even easier! This is the popular VS1011 single-ship MP3 audio decoder from VLSI is a LQFP package! It contains a high-performance, low-power DSP processor core VS DSP4, working data memory, 5.5kBytes of program or data RAM for for user applications, serial control and input data interfaces, and a high-quality oversampling variable-sample-rate stereo DAC.

VS1011 receives its input bitstream through a serial input bus. The input stream is decoded and passed to an 18-bit oversampling, multi-bit, sigma-delta DAC and earphone driver. The control commands of the device are transferred via the same serial bus as the data. In addition to basic MP3 decoding VS1011 can play PCM and WAV files. Optionally also MP1 and MP2 decoding can be enabled (check licensing issues). 5.5 kB RAM has been reserved for user application specific features, like DSP effects.

Available in a LQFP-48 pin package.



  • Decodes MPEG1.0&2.0 audio layer III, WAV and PCM files
  • Support VBR
  • Support streaming
  • Robust to bit errors of the decoded data
  • Single 12-13MHz or 24-26 MHz clock.
  • Decodes 320 kbit/s MP3 with 12.0 MHz external clock (with internal clock doubler active).
  • Built-in Bass and Treble controls.
  • Extremely low-power operation
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Internal ground buffered
  • Stereo earphone driver capable of driving a 30 ohm load
  • Separate operating voltages for analog and digital
  • On-off earphone transient suppression
  • Clear sound due to internal digital sample rate converter 
  • Serial control and data interfaces
  • 5.5 kB On-chip RAM for user code and data
  • New functions can be added with software by using VSKIT
  • SPI EEPROM boot for special applications
  • 4 general purpose IO pins
  • RoHS compliant package








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