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FM1702SL - 13.56 MHz RFID ISO14443 standards - Serial Contactless Reader IC

sku : ECOM028
FM1702SL is non-contact card reader dedicated chip based on ISO14443 standards type A, SPI interface

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รหัส : ECOM028

ยี่ห้อ : FUDAN Microelectronics
รุ่น : FM1702SL - RFID ISO14443 standards - Serial Contactless Reader IC

FM1702SL is designed Fudan Microelectronics Co., Ltd., based on ISO14443 standards of non-contact card reader dedicated chip, using 0.6 micron CMOS EEPROM technology, to support ISO14443 typeA agreement to support the MIFARE standard encryption algorithm. Chip highly integrated analog modem circuit, only minimal external circuit can work to support the SPI interface, digital circuit with TTL, CMOS dual voltage operation. Particularly applicable to ISO14443 standard water, electricity, gas meter reader system, such as billing applications. The three-way power chip can be applied to low voltage.
Cost-effective: General chips 1 / 2 price, RC530 performance;
Strong safety: low power consumption, support for wide voltage (3V-5V).

- Highly integrated analog circuit, only a minimum amount of external lines
- Operation distance up to 10cm
- Support ISO14443 typeA agreement
- Contains 512byte of EEPROM
- Supports MIFARE standard encryption algorithm
- Contains 64byte the FIFO
- Digital circuit with TTL / CMOS voltage mode two
- Software-controlled power down mode
- A programmable timer
- An interrupt processor
- Launch configuration programmable
- Digital, analog and transmitter module has a separate power supply
- By SOP24 package
- Support the SPI Interface

Information Support
Datasheet FM1702SL (PDF, 500 KB)






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