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You can order product via

1. Add Line : @thaieasyelec 

2. Send your inquiry to us via E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Go to our shop See Map

4. Order via

*** Price show on website not included VAT 7%, shipping cost ***


How to order via

Finding what you want

        You can either find the product you want by using our Search facility or you can use the PRODUCTS menu (in the top margin or left-hand margin of the website) to browse your interest products. You can view full details of any product you are interested in by pressing the Product Details button.

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Add an item you want to buy to your basket

         Once you have found a product you would like to buy, you simply press the Add to Cart button. Up until that point in the top right hand area of the screen you would see the words 'Your basket is empty'. As soon as you add a product to your basket this text changes to 'View basket (1 item)' and this becomes a link which will allow you to view your basket at any time.
         You can continue to add them to your basket by pressing the Continue Shopping button. At any time you can view your basket by clicking on the View basket link.

          In case of your interest product is out of stock, you can press Notify Me button and leave your e-mail. When stock is coming in, we'll notify you.

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View Basket

         From the View Cart screen you can adjust the quantity of any product in the cart or delete products. After adjusting either the quantity, please press the Update button to see the results of the change you have made or press Remove button to delete product.



New customers/Sign in
         If you are our member you should Login. In case of you are a new customer you should press Register button to create new membership or press Check out as Guess button and fill in Shipping & Billing addresses.

Placing your order
         Once you have signed in, you complete your order by following the four step order process. Click the View Cart link. You can amend your order by adjusting the quantity of any product in your basket or by ticking the delete check box in Steps 1, 2 and 3 of the order process. If you amend your order please be sure to press the Update cart button before proceeding.

Step 1 - Cart Details
         If you have a promotional code you should enter it here and press the Update button to apply the code to your cart.

Step 2 - Addresses
         If you are a new customer you need to enter your Billing and Shipping addresses (if these are the same you can copy the Billing address to the Shipping address by ticking the appropriate check box). If you are a returning customer you can reuse addresses you have used for earlier orders by selecting them from the dropdown list of addresses and indicating by ticking the appropriate check box whether to use the address for Billing or Shipping (you can tick both). Press the Use button to apply the address you have chosen. The address information will then be displayed on the screen.

Step 3 - Payment
          You can pay for your order by Paypal - we accept:
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          Please enter your credit card details in the appropriate places on this screen. The details of the products you have ordered appear on this screen and our standard shipping charges are applied, based on the address you have indicated we should deliver the order to.

Step 4 - Confirmation
          At this stage you are unable to adjust your order without returning to an earlier stage by pressing one of the links in the steps on the screen. A summary of your order, address information and payment method is displayed. If this is correct, you should press the Finish button to place your order.

Thank you for your order
          If you see this screen you have completed your order. You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided and you can print this screen for reference.




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