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         Venus Supply Co., Ltd. (, was established by young and fighting for success engineers in the end quarter of year 2006. We started our company by selling Embedded System Electronics Devices and Development Board, sourcing on demands and project developers. In year 2014 our team have more than 30 people, we focus on ARM based application project developers.

         In Summary (2014), our core businesses as below;
         1. Selling Embedded System Electronics commodities : Electronics components, Development boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, Cubie Board, Banana Pi, Nuvoton), Evaluation boards, Sensors Modules, Measurement Instrument (Hantek Digital Oscilloscope), Wireless Module (XBee Digi, GSM/3G Quectel, GPS Quectel), RFID/NFC Modules, Educational electronics products and etc.
         2. Sourcing on demands : Finding and importing products for customers
         3. Project developers and consultants : With experienced R&D team, we can help, and support customers to achieve their demands
Customers can order products via 3 main channels;

         1. Our Website : This way is the easiest to order, when you register as ThaiEasyElec membership you will receive reward points every 2USD spending (Read more...)

        2. Quotation : You can send your inquiry to us via e-mail sales[a] we'll send back a quotation to you.

         3. ThaiEasyElec Shop : Our shop open on Monday-Friday (9.00am-5pm) and Saturday (10.00am-4pm) Click here to see Map / Company Holiday !!

And customers can follow us via 3 social media channels;

         1. ThaiEasyElec Facebook

         2. ThaiEasyElec Twitter

         3. ThaiEasyElec Youtube

        We are searching for distributors. Contact to us if you are interested in distributing our products. Please contact to info at thaieasyelec dot com.

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