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รหัส : EPLL049
ยี่ห้อ : Pololu
รุ่น : #708


The Pololu dual high-power motor drivers are compact carriers for the VNH2SP30 motor driver integrated circuits from ST. The board incorporates most of the components of the typical application diagram on page 8 of the VNH2SP30 datasheet, including pull-up and current-limiting resistors and a FET for reverse battery protection. (The current sense circuit is populated on both versions of the board, but only the VNH2SP30 supports current sense.) To keep the number of I/O lines down, the two enable/diagnostic lines on each chip are tied together. All you need to add is a microcontroller or other control circuit to turn the H-Bridges on and off.


Feature Summary

  • Operating supply voltage (Vcc)   5.5 – 16 V
  • Maximum current rating     30 A
  • MOSFET on-resistance (per leg)   19 mΩ
  • Maximum PWM frequency    20 kHz
  • Current sense     approximately 0.13 V/A
  • Over-voltage shutoff     16 V minimum (19 V typical)
  • Time to overheat at 20 A**     35 seconds
  • Time to overheat at 15 A**     150 seconds
  • Current for infinite run time**     14 A

**Typical results using Pololu motor driver carrier with 100% duty cycle at room temperature.


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Product included:

  • EPLL049 - Dual VNH2SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD03A x 1 pcs




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